Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Waihale - West Timor - NTT

Liurai Luis Seneka Tei Serang of Waihale (Timor 19??)
died 10.5.2003.
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Raja Muda Kuno said...

Before the first Portuguese arrived in the sixteenth century, Belu lay at the heart of one of the most influential kingdoms on Timor, Waihale. But as the Bunak had to make way for the Belunese, so the Belunese were in turn to yield to a new intruder.

Raja Muda Kuno said...

Already in the 1940-ies he was ruling,so he was one of the last real rulers from the old time,who still was alive in the 21th century(together with the Sushunan of Surakarta).
Because the paramount ruler of the whole of Timor(at least in the 20th century as symbol/in name):the Maromak Oan became in the 1920-ies Roman Catholic,this real way of rule ceased to exist,because the old ruling system had to much to do with the old religion.
So the ruler on the picture could call himself:Liurai of Malakka.Malakka was the old name for S.-Belu.Belu was the more or less direct ruling area of the Maromak Oan.Malakka also because it is said,that the ruling dynasty of this area must have come from Malaysia/Malakka.
When Liurai Luis /Louis SEnaka Teeseran(Tei Serang) of Malakka died 11-5-2003 his rival for years(since 1989; chief of the traditional council)) ;Dominikus Tei Seran(from another branch)installed himself 9-8-2003.There are 2 other pretenders for the dignity.No official decission has been made until now.

Raja Muda Kuno said...

This Liurai had his rival in Dominikus Tei Searn in Laran.Both are attached to 2 also rival Emperors of the whole of Timor(theoretically),but in fact nowadays only of Belu-area(Waiwiku Waihale):the Maromak Oans;respectively:A(u)gustinus Nahah Seran and the also in Laran living Agustin Klau(the uncle of his wife).The Maromak Oan title ceased to exist after the abdication of the last Emperor/Maromak Oan Hendrikus Nahak Seran.He was Maromak Oan 1925-1930.But also had become Roman Catholic and in that time the explanation of that function(semi-relgious dignity)didn't well go together with the Christian Roman Catholic religion.The last Emperor died in 1970.