Monday, August 08, 2005

Rote - NTT

Adathoofden met 2 adat krygers (Rote) !

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Raja Muda Kuno said...

In the middle with pink shirt the only one of the 19 Manek/Raja dynasties of the Rote-islands(west from Timor),which is officially installed:Manek Paulus DaE Pane of Baä.The dynasty have 3 branches :the DaE Pane's,the Detaqs and the Moeskanans;all descended from 3 brothers.
The Manek of Baä is here standing in front of the palace of the Usif/Raja of Insana(W-Timor)with
Alorese(with muslim hat),Rotenese(with the typical high hat;modelled from 17th century Portugese hats(each hat;also of a Raja;has a different shape if it is from a different kind of person or from a different area=the ti-ilangga),Timorese,etc. traditional chiefs and nobility in 2003 during a conference of traditionalleaders speaking about the rights they have over disputed islands,sea-area and land with Australia and East-Timor in the so-called Timor-area.
The group is flanked by court dancers of the Usif of Insana.