Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Sikka - Flores - NTT

Her Highness Dona Marie-Cecile Bernadette Ximenes da Silva; granddaughter of the last King of Sikka/Maumere: Moang Ratu Don Thomas II J. Ximenes da Silva. Her father is Moang Don Hedrikus Thomas Ximenes da Silva
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Raja Muda Kuno said...

A 120,000 people and 4,377 km² state in Flores.

Raja Muda Kuno said...

Her father was Don Hendrikus Ximenes da Silva.He was son of Raja Don Thomas II X dS of Sikka(ruled (1902-)1921-1953and his unofficial(non-Catholic)Buginese 2nd wive.He was send to Holland for University study,but because of anti-monarchy sentiments throughout Indonesia in the 1950-ies he decided to stay in Holland(first on advise temporarily of his father).This prince was actually the choice of the Dutch Roman Catholic Mission to become KIng of Sikka,because he was better educated ,wasn't not so severe as his brother the oldest son of the King(Don Daniel).The Dutch actually choose for the tradition(Don Daniel was from the official only wife.Was important in this for centuries at least nominal Roman Catholic principality).
In Holland Don Hendrikus was the promotor and founder of cultural preservation of the Timor-Flores area culture among the younger people f.i.In Sikka he tried to make a Royal dynasty organisation to promote all kind of protecting things inside the dynasty(preservation and showing the corwn,making a royal museum,protecting the lesser rich dynastymembers,keeping intact the Royal culture,remembering and respecting the former King(MoƤng Ratu's)of Sikka.
Becaus he was so long outside the area in Hollandand didn't visit frequently much the area,his plans were not much appreciated in Sikka by all important dynastymembers.
His story as being a Prince of Sikka in Holland was shown several times on Dutch TV and in the newspapers.He died on 18-7-2001;honoured by all the important members in Holland of the Timor-Flores(Nusa Tenggara Timur Province community)and by a delegation of the Indonesian Embassy in Holland,because he was considered as one of the last true Indonesian Royal princes living in Holland.
Sometimes he was a bit severe,maybe because of a bit used to his old(not modern)royal background;but as a true Prince and Christian he always tried to serve his people.Without him,much things wouldn't be possible among his community in Holland.May his respected soul rest in Peace.