Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Mollo - West Timor - NTT

Usif Pah/Raja Edison R.F. OEmatan of Mollo/Timor(officially installed 14-8-2001).

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Anonymous said...

Mollo: A state in West Timor (Timor Loro Manu), formed from the states of Netpala, Nunbena and Besiana ...

Raja Muda Kuno said...

The Raja is still in farming.The area is known for it's most delicious oranges of the whole of Indonesia;also called the heavenly oranges(because of mild climate).The Raja is a sobre thinking man.Sometimes you can see him as a true king with all his golden regalia,sometimes ,when he is checking his lands,you can meet him as a agricultural person,not afarid to become dirty.His wife is from the clan,who ruled Amanatun principality before.
He is of mixed Timorese,Rotimnese,but mainly Timorese blood.One of the few Rajas officially installed,so can be called:Usif Pah instead of Usif.