Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Kisar - North of East Timor

Raja Johannes Hermanus J. Bakker.

Raja Johannis J. Bakker (so not with Hermanus).He is the 12th Radja of Kisar, which is known locally as Yotowawa. The first Raja, Cornelis Bakker,or Pakar was made ca. 1665 as first Raja of the island....Posted by Picasa

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Raja Muda Kuno said...

Raja Johannis J. Bakker(so not with Hermanus).Hy is de 12e Radja v Kisar,which is known locally as Yotowawa.The first Raja ;Cornelis Bakker,or Pakar was made ca. 1665 as first Raja of the island.The rule was always contested by other clans,because before there were only clanchiefs and some see the rule of the Rajas of Yotowawa at Wonréli as a creation of the Dutch.But that complaints you see more often in history.God gave the tools to make the history on Kisar to the Dutch,so the Rajas have some rights to be called Rajas of Kisar .The first Raja had 2 brothers:Norimarnu and Poru,who went to nearby islands,who began to rule there,so that is the reason,that the present Raja also claims ruling rights over islands like Wetar,Roma,Leti and the like.However nowadays this can be seen as a historical explanation,because politically not much is left of that claims to consume it.
The present Raja followed his father Raja Hairmere Philipus Zacharias Bakker after his death as Raja of Yotowawa.
He also,like the present Raja,had some problems with upholding his rights as Raja.Raja H.P.Z. Bakker ruled 1947-1948.Then there was uncertainty about the wish of the chiefs to keep him as Raja.After a ruling council the Raja came back and was known as Raja/nominal-Raja until 1987.His sons were very well educated.The present Raja had education for governing.5 years after his installation as Raja he went to nearby East-Timor,then part of Indonesia,where he was for 5 years government official at Dili.
Kisar is lying very near East-Timor.He there also met his Queen:the East-Timorese Maria Antonette Ribeiru.In the 5 years he was on Timor,the chiefs again were questioning the rights of his line to be Raja of Yotowawa.But after he came back from Timor he was accepted again as Raja.
One reason for the fact,that he wasn't overall accepted as Raja,was that he,who was for a long tome outside the island,had not much knowledge about the local tradition,adat.
They only have one daughter;Ratu Muda Johanita Ike; and in the tradition of the dynasty only a man can succeed as Raja,so the present crownprince is the son of his even well educated brother Raja Muda Drs. Zacharias Bakker:the young Crownprince Pilipus Hairmera Bakker.
On Kisar there were before a contigent of Dutch soldiers,who were half forgotten by the Dutch and intermarried with the local population:they formed the well-known mestizos of Kisar.These little group also intermarried with the dynasty,so the present Raja of Yotowawa;like the King/Liurai of OEcusse Ambeno ;East-Timor enclave in West-Timor;have Dutch blood in his veins.
The present Raja doesn't have real political power,but is respected very much as a traditional dignitary.No important decission is made without f.i. consulting the Raja.
The dynasty also have a luxoury history book(only 1 copy)with the history of the principality and the dynasty in it.But like in much other parts of Indonesia:it is not available easily,because history is also a bit religion on Kisar.