Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Oecussi Ambeno - East Timor

Liurai Antonio da Costa Posted by Picasa


Raja Muda Kuno said...

Liurai Antonio da Costa of OEcusse Ambeno; enclave area in W.-Timor of East-Timor. Since independence East-Timor part of that country and not anymore of Indonesia. Recognized 4-5-2001; not officially installed yet .

Raja Muda Kuno said...

OEcusse Ambeno is since the independence of East-Timor part of that.Before part of Indonesia,Portugese-Timor and sometimes was thinking of becoming part of Dutch-Timor.Once a very powerfull principality on Timor,whose first Raja was a son of a Dutchman and an Indonesian woman!(of one of the 2 new co-dynasties).
He still has to visit much of his people in West-Timor,who fled to there during the fierce struggles amongst 2 pro- and anti- Indonesia joining sides shortly before East-Timorese independence.
Pro-Indonesia fighters were much fanatic in that terrible time.
This Raja rules in a wayover the most beautifull and traditional area in this part of the world.
Because the new state of East-Timor didn't decide officially over the position of the Rajas(Liurais,the local chiefs(kingmakers)didn't decide yet over an official installation of him as Liurai(c.q. KIng)of OEcusse Ambeno,although the bigger part of the people,traditional chiefs and locl pölitical modern government system elite want him as their Liurai/King.