Monday, August 08, 2005

Diu - Rote - NTT

Chief dynasty Manafe of Diu (Rote)

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Raja Muda Kuno said...

Raja Muda Sar Manafe of Diu(the young Prince,who looks in the middle to the back)is on this picture present at the funeral of his father in 1991,who was Manek of Diu.The people of Diu on Rote(W of Timor)lived before on Dana island(under Rote;near Thie principality),but were evicted there.Than after some migrations they came to the present place and founded the Nusak(principality of Diu).Raja MUda Sar Manafe is the present chief of the dynasty.He is local high politician.Diu is known as a rather traditional interesting area,where you can see the little palaces,at the other site of the street the Princely graves and a rather nice area.The rather royal looking mother of the present dynastychief lives in one of the palaces and is the daughter of a former Manek of nearby Bilba.