Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Raja of Soya - Ambon - Maluku

It is confirmed by Nona Rita Rehatta in Holland, that her brother will be installed as new Raja of Soya /Ambon in december.

Lodewijk/Lodewik Rehatta is his official name. His nickname (ca.) is Rido/Friedo.

Raja of Tulehu - Ambon

Pela Gandong Posted by Picasa

Installation Raja John S. Ohorella of Tulehu(Ambon);ca. 13-2-2003

Tidore - Maluku

Sultan of Tidore, Maluku Utara (North). Posted by Hello

Jailolo - Maluku

Sultan Abdullah Syah of Jailolo (2002 - ) Posted by Hello

In the old days the Sultans of Jailolo were the most importants sultans of the N. Mollucans. There were 4 sultans.....

Ternate - Maluku

Sultan Mudafar Syah II of Ternate.

Consort of Sultan Mudafar Syah of Ternate. Posted by Hello