Saturday, January 01, 2005

PUSAKA - up, close and personal !

The webmaster was born in Vlaardingen/Holland in 1960, a son of a Dutch woman ( with German ancestors) and of a father, (Malang-Java born) who was son of a Jewish sub-officer in the Royal Dutch East-Indisch Army and a Javanese mother, from Salatiga.


Heer Donald Pietro Tick during the investiture ceremony annointing him gelar Raja Muda Kuno by Usif Leopold Nesnoni and Fettor/Raja Gideon Amabi. Posted by Picasa

Raja Muda Kuno

Heer Donald P. Tick (PUSAKA webmaster) at the investiture ceremony entitling him "gelar Raja Muda Kuno" by Usif Leopold Isu Nisnoni of Kupang and Fettor Gideon of Amabi. Posted by Picasa

Princess of Banjarmasin

YM Gusti Yulianitha of Banjarmasin with husband Heer Donald P. Tick 'gelar' Raja Muda Kuno, ahli kerabat Kerajaan Kerajaan Kupang, Bulungan and Yang diPertuan Muda Riau dan Lingga. Heer Donald hails from Vlaardingen in the Netherlands.

The Riau Lingga Dynasty Royal Representative

The website Technical Advisor is also the webmaster of , Md. Mokhtar bin Abdul Aziz (left) who is the representative of the Riau Lingga Yang diPertuan Muda's royal cohort in Singapore.

The above photo was taken during Festival Kraton Nusantara IV in Yogyakarta with
Usif Leopold Nesnoni, Raja of Kupang, the king with the rakyat's heart.

All official matters regarding the Riau Lingga dynasty in Singapore and Malaysia should be address and forwarded to the webmaster at Thank you.