Tuesday, August 02, 2005

High Indonesian political man tries to make himself King on Timor.

Since 2004 Drs. Daniel Banunaek is districtruler(Camat)of South Middle Timor.He comes from the circle around former Rajas/Kings of a bit isolated Amanatun.

He claims to be the son of a former Raja(Kolo Banunaek:ruled 1921-1947,died 1969),so has much right to be new King of Amanatun.The Kings of Amanatun has very high place of hierarchy of Kings.But in fact he was part of the family of the Raja,but then as servants.

As such a person,you also can take the familyname of the Raja.

So short time ago he also thought to be accepted as new King of Amanatun.In this time that wasn't possible.Maybe he is good districtchief,but for becoming King the traditional chiefs talk with each other.They know of his biological descent.They respect him much as potical person in districtrule,but never will accept him as King.The Camat is very firm in his explanation,that he is entitled to be King.

2 More eligible candidates to thye throne are the by the Indonesian Government accepted Raja Gustaf(Gia)Banunaek(also by tradition)and the only son of last King of Amanatun(died 1990 and ruled 1947-1972;died 1990):Prince Don Kusa Banunaek.(He would have been the new King,if the Amanatun people would use the international by much peoples accepted new succesion rule:son succeeds father as King.

The unmarried Prince Don Kusa Banunaek is highly educated,is chief of government department of this sub-province,is realistic and not fanatic(the succesion of Kings in Amanatun is now among some royals and people a very fanatic thing),is highly interested in the welfare and culture of the people, has a highly active mind,but..according to tradition is not number one on the list of candidates,but number 2.If the nobility of Amanatun will choose otherwise(you never know)he can become King of Amanatun.

He is like King Abdullah II of Jordania;informal for his people,active,friendly for everybody.
I hope,that the Good Lord at least will give him other chances to serve the people he loves so much.

Amanatun is the most isolated part of West-Timor.Some people say,that it is a dangerous place and people can be agressive against outsiders.This is untrue.If you behave yourself,the people are natural hosts.Amanatun is the most beautifull and genuine place of Timor.Maybe the last remains of true Timor culture unspoiled can be found here.So:....never go there as a tourist,but go to Amanatun as a guest.


Raja Muda Kuno said...

The last King of Amanatun was Raja Lodowik Banunaek.

Raja Muda Kuno said...

The official title of King of Amanatun is "Sone Nain".