Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Threads of Life in Timor.

Threads of Life in Timor. Threads of Life works with a number of different communities in Timor and is constantly seeking to expand its connections. In Belu we work with the emerging Kelompok Putri Tunggal. The village of Boti presents an opportunity to connect with a very traditional community that for decades has eschewed influence from the outside. In Amarasi near Kupang we have met traditional leaders who wish to meet the world while maintaining their cultural integrity.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Oecussi Ambeno - East Timor

Liurai Antonio da Costa Posted by Picasa

Kisar - North of East Timor

Raja Johannes Hermanus J. Bakker.

Raja Johannis J. Bakker (so not with Hermanus).He is the 12th Radja of Kisar, which is known locally as Yotowawa. The first Raja, Cornelis Bakker,or Pakar was made ca. 1665 as first Raja of the island....Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 08, 2005

Ringgou - Rote - NTT

Raja Muda Ir. Christian D.J. Daoed; chief Manek/Raja dynasty of Ringgou/Rote (22-3-2002-....)
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Manek/Raja (nominal) Hendrik Daoed of Ringgou (1962-2002;died); extreme right is present chief dynasty

After the death of his father;the last nominal-Manek of Ringou on Rote, he became chief ... refer comments

Rote - NTT

Adathoofden met 2 adat krygers (Rote) !

Bokai - Rote - NTT

Manek/Raja Herman Dupe of Bokai/Rote (ruled 1961-1969 real)

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Diu - Rote - NTT

Chief dynasty Manafe of Diu (Rote)

Loleh - Rote - NTT

Manek Soleman Zacharias of Loleh dynasty with wife.
Photo from the collection of Mr. W. Woodruff from U.S.A

Lelain - Rote - NTT

Photo courtesy A. Woodruff

Manek of Lelain, Yunus Besi with wife.

TalaE - Rote - NTT

Fettor Ekrest Saudale of the Rote Kerajaan of TalaE (1980-....) - standing at right. Picture on the occasion of the wedding of his son. Posted by Picasa

Ekrest Saudale is only a temporary-chief ruling dynasty after death of older brother ....
(refer comments, please.)

Landu - Rote - NTT

Manek/Raja Marthen Matheos Johannis of Landu/Rote (ruled really 1960-1966).
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Termanu - Rote - NTT

Chief Manek-dynasty of Termanu (Rote): Soleman Jeremias Miquel Amalo. Posted by Picasa

Prince Soleman Amalo is the 28th chief of the dynasty of Termanu.But also the first, who isn't ruling. He is also known as Bea Amalo. The foremost last Manek of Termanu; Manek Ernst Amalo (1947-1966/died 1984 )was his father. Before Termanu was the major principality among the 19 principalities of the Rote-islands... refer comments.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

LiaE - Sawu - NTT

Fettor/Raja of LiaE/Savu (Sawu,Sabu) This dynasty is now extinct.

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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Rende - Sumba - NTT

The late Tamu Rambu Juliana of Rende. Sumba
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Probably my most vivid memory from this year was from Sumba. In November we attended the funeral ceremony of the late Queen of Rende, Tamu Rambu Yuliana.
Please refer comments.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Kolana - Batulolong - Alor - NTT

Raja Yusuf Christoffel Makunimau
of Kolana , Alor. (Since 1996)

Raja Constantinus (Cos) Matheos Karimaley of Batulolong with his wife.
Alor (Since 1996)
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Raja Muda
Muhammad Marzuki Nampira
Chief of Raja Dynasty of Alor (1999 - )

Kui - Alor - NTT

Raja Kaharuddin Kinanggi of Kui/Alor. Present Caretaker Raja Drs. Mochammad Kinanggi is high government official in Kupang

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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Lamakera - Solor - NTT

Raja Haji Abdul Gafur Ibrahim Dasi
of Lamakera (Solor 1987/8 - )
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Lohayong - Solor - NTT

Raja Haji Achmad Kalake of Lohayong (Solor 1977 - ) Posted by Picasa

Rajas of Lohayong are in fact the successors of the paramount Rajas of Solor and surrounding Rajas .....

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Sikka - Flores - NTT

Her Highness Dona Marie-Cecile Bernadette Ximenes da Silva; granddaughter of the last King of Sikka/Maumere: Moang Ratu Don Thomas II J. Ximenes da Silva. Her father is Moang Don Hedrikus Thomas Ximenes da Silva
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Larantuka - Flores - NTT

Front: Ratu Donna Martina Dias Vierra Godinho, wife (not his mother,but of predecessor) of the last ruling Raja of Larantuka: Raja Don Lorenzo III DVG (from 1937). The Raja died 1982.

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A 3,300 km² state in the Flores islands, founded c1400 .

Terong - Adonara - Flores - NTT

Raja of Terong bersama Isteri. Raja Adia Kapitan (1968 - ).
Terong is on the island of Adonara
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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Kupang - West Timor - NTT

Usif Leopold Nicolaas Isu Nisnoni & Ratu Frederika Nisnoni - Lino.
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Raja Leopold Nicolas Nisnoni with traditional Timor name Isu (mean "the wise one", and so he is) is from imperial descent!

In him you can see the true spirit of how God wants to see a King:the first servant of his people.In that he is a good promoter of the good aspects of (traditional) monarchy in modern time.

Waihale - West Timor - NTT

Liurai Luis Seneka Tei Serang of Waihale (Timor 19??)
died 10.5.2003.
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Waihale - West Timor - NTT

(Rival) Raja Dominikus Tei Serang of Waihale, with his wife. Timor. (Since 19??)
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'This area used to be inhabited by Bunak people. When the Belunese moved here, the Bunak seemed to just fade away. People said they didn't like the smell of the fish the Belunese used in their cooking'. This was how one respected elder of the local community explained what happened to the Bunak tribe. Today ....

Noimutti - West Timor - NTT

Usif Pah Don Antonio da Costa of Noimutti.
Timor (since 19??)
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Mollo - West Timor - NTT

Usif Pah/Raja Edison R.F. OEmatan of Mollo/Timor(officially installed 14-8-2001).

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Miomaffo - West Timor - NTT

Raja Alfons Kono of Miomaffo (Timor 1986 - )
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