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Kasepuhan - Cirebon, Jawa Barat

Pangeran Arief Natadiningrat of Istana Kasepuhan, Cirebon. Posted by Hello

Oldest daughter of Emperor of Surakarta marries.

Susuhunan Paku Buwono (Hangabehi) has just experienced some difficult time, when ca. 1 week ago his brother Prince Tedjowoelan (rival-Susuhunan Paku Buwono XIII) more or less invaded palace and wanted to speak with his rival/brother.

But now some happy news for the Emperor. His oldest daughter Gusti Raden Ajoe Rumbai Kusuma Dewayani (also called after installation of her father as Gusti Kanjeng Ratu Timoer) has married on 24-9-2005 with Mr. Tessi Ahmad Triadi. Of course day before and after that date all kind of ceremonial rituals.

More news about this will follow.According to informants within the Imperial Court of Surakarta,the problems within the Imperial dynasty are not solved now.

di Festival Kraton II, Cirebon - Jawa Barat

Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono and delegates of FKN 2 in Cirebon
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Explanation,why 2 Emperors of Surakarta think,they are eligible candidates for the throne.

Javanese Princes fight for the throne.

What happens, if the "Nail, around which the world turns" (Paku Buwono) faints.

2 Princes battle in the monarchy of Surakarta for the vacant throne. The Emperor is dead, but never assigned a succesor.

Prince Puger tells how his father Susuhunan (Emperor) Paku Buwono XII end may 2004 felt, that he would die. He assembled us. The vulcao Bromo had just erupted and also the Semeru and Bromo were vibrating dangerously. Father saw in this the signs, that a change of power, disputes and other negative things would occur. He said: "The time has come, my children."

On 11-4-2004 Susuhunan Paku Buwono XII (the Nail, around which the world turns) died in a hospital in Solo because of a shrinken liver. He was 79 yrs old and had sat on the throne since 1944. The Emperor had not assigned a succesor and his 35 surviving children; begotten from his 6 wives; were divided into 2 camps, who each chose a Crownprince.

On 24-6-2004 the oldest son Prince Hangabehi received from 8 brothers and sisters (all children from the 3rd wife)in a part of the Palace the dignity of Crownprince. The 3 main Courtofficials; chief of the Palace administration and the representatives of the Princes and Princesses; were not present, so that the legality of the ceremony was questioned by the the rival camp. Also no representatives of the provincial and local government attended.(but that had to do with the fact, that these government departments wanted to remain neutral).
On 31-8-2004 the children of the 5 other wives installed Prince Tedjowoelan;a Colonel in the landforces with promotion in sight;as Crownprince.

The ceremony also had to take place in the Palace,but strong and black clothes wearing adherants of Prince Hangabehi;Blocked the 4 entrances to the Palace(Kedaton).The ceremony then was held in the luxoury house of the businesswoman Mooriyati Soediboyo;granddaughter of Susuhunan Paku Buwono X(d 1939)and owner of the cosmetica firm Mustika Ratu(according to Palace traditions made;very succesfull internationally).Now the 3 highest Court officials were attending ;as well as the gov. officials of the Province and city;but the ceremony on a not sacral place wasn't legal according to the Imperial tradition.Prince Tedjowoelan received the dignity from his brother Prince Hadiprabowo(spokesman of the male children of the deceased Emperor)Of the Javanese Royal area of middle Java 2 Imperial/Royal palaces remain(apart from 2 Princely Palaces;each in one part of the area:1 in Yogyakarta one in Surakarta);but without official statearea.1 is in Yogyakarta,other in Solo.
In the 17th century the Mataram Empire had a big influence in a big part of Java and Madura.From the 18th century until begin 19th century the shrinked remaining part of the Empire was split up in 1 Imperial part,1 Royal part and 2 Princely parts.That all happened after palacerevolts and and undertsandable political plays of the VOC(the Dutch).Durin the Javanese War(1825-1830)the descendant monarchs of Mataram lost their temporal power to the Colonial Government of the Dutch East-Indish.That power was transferred in 1949(total independence of Indonesia)to the Republik Indonesia.The Susuhunan of Surakarta and the Sultan of Yogyakarta(as well as the Pangerans of resp. Mangkunegaran ]and Pakualaman)keep for the Javanese peope of their area their spiritual power and also (one of the things)they exert intensively to maintain the Palace culture of Central Java.Only the present Sultan of Yogyakarta;Hamengku Buwono X;is a special political player.He is Governor of the Special Province of Yogyakarta(Pangeran of Pakualaman is vice-Governor)and is seen as a modern monarch;he only has 1 Queen and 4 children(all daughters.)

Susuhunan Paku Buwono XII was put on the htrone in 1944 ;little bit more than 1 year before Soekarno and Hatta(1st President and Vice-President of Indonesia)proclaimed the Republik Indonesia.The Emperor represented the splitted character of the monarchistic system in a republic.He recognized the power of the central government in Jakarta and even was officer in the army,but maintained in his life the cCourtrituals.He memorised every year his beginning of his carrying the dignity with the Bedhaya Ketawang;a sacral dance ,which shows the bond between the monarchs of Mataram and the godess of the South Sea(a local spirityal power).

The present conflict is owed to the old Emperor.In februari 1993he told in a newspaperinterview,that his succesor as Emperor ,had to be a Prince,who knows,who can and acts according to the adat.Of all my 15 sons none of them is like that.The rule of the Palace is,that it had to be the oldest son.That is Prince Hangabehi,but his habits are not as it used to be.According to the Emperor.Prince Hangabehi was then complicated in a divorce and also had a little struggle to make his mental state strong.Also his mother wasn't the main/royal(chosen)wife of the Emperor.
The Emperor took 6 garwa ampil(Javanese for not the main royal wives,sometimes translated as concubines),but never choose a permaisuri(Royal wife).He said in 1993,that the wife of Susuhunan Paku Buwono XI(1939-1944);his mother;didn't want,that her place would be taken by another woman."Whoever you chosse as Empress;she said;you won't get my blessings,ven if I am dead."I had to obey.Since then the Emperor didn't change his mind.

According to Prince Puger;who supports the claims of Susuhunan Paku Buwono XII/Hangabehi,the Emperor gave his oldest son during the last dynastic familymeeting his blessing.He grapped his hand ,tapped on his shoulder and said:"Behi,you are my oldest son.You have to be strong,and sincere and protect others."Recently the Hangabehi camp showed a typed paper ,on which their candidate is assigned as heir to the throne and that is was made special short before the Emperors death by a inkprint of the thumb.The legality of the document isn't belived by the Tedjowoelancamp and ,because the Imperial seal os lacking on the document.The document is given to the police of Solo.

Mooriyati Soediboyo;the businesswoman;supports Tedjowoelan.She tells:"I know the 12th Emperor quite good.He never has showed a clear choice.He had no royal wife and that is why it is for the Courtofficials,who represent the palacegovernment and represent all the Princes and Princesses ;must assign a succesor.

They didn't have as standard only Imperial descent ,but because it has to do with a future monarch ,also knowledge of tradition,his character ,behaviour and acceptance by the people is important.
They consulted specialists of the Javanese cultures ,members of the courtsystem asnd important people from Solo and their choice was for Prince Tedjowoelan.The followed procedure is also more according to this so-called modern time.

The Hangabehi camp is lead by Princess Koes Moertiyah ;the 25th child of the deceased Emperor and member of parliament for the party of President Megawati Sukarnoputri.She accuses Prince Tedjowoelan ;a still functioning armyclonel;of political plays.He wanted after his installation to make poltical campaigns for the rival of Megawati in the endround of the presidential elections:not functioning general Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono .
The battle for the palace is just begun.Princess Koes Moertiyah has asked the police to guard the Palace against the Tedjooelan camp,who had tried to take way Imperial possesions.

The pretender Prince Tedjowoelan(who also carries the title Sushunan Paku Buwono XIII)reacted to the newspaper Jakarta Post:"Moertiyah and and her companions have sold in the past regularly palace objects.We must save,what can be saved.

It is a tug of war between them in this succesionwar of Surakarta.
On 10 september 2004 is the installation date of Prince Hangabehi to be installed as Susuhunan Paku Buwono XIII.

By Dirk Vlasblom/newspaper NRC-Handelsblad.

Kanoman - Cirebon, Jawa Barat

Sultan Elang Emirudin, Kraton Kanoman, Jawa Barat. Posted by Picasa

Sultan Elang Muhammad Emirudin
Rival-Sultan (since 6-3-2003) of Cirebon-Kanoman (West-Java)

The Sultan, The Concubine and the Successor.

Once there was a king in Cirebon in the west of Java. Sultan Djalaluddin was his name, he had 4 wives and 16 children. When he died a few months ago, he left a letter, in which was written ....

Homage to father-in-law - Solo, Surakarta

Groom Tessi Triadi pays homage to his father-in-law, Sultan Paku Buwono Hangabehi the 13th, at his wedding to the Sultan's eldest daughter.

A succession battle is raging in an ancient family, writes Mark Forbes.

A BEAUTIFUL, silk-swathed princess reclines in a grand glass cage, festooned with roses and jasmine, carried aloft by 20 shuffling courtiers. On horseback sits her bare-chested groom, escorted by a marching band and the rag-tag force of the once all-powerful Sultan of Solo.
Standards waving and trumpets blaring, the wedding procession winds around the grand white walls of Solo's Kraton (palace), home to a royal family that has sat at the apex of Indonesia's cultural, spiritual and political life.

Solo's divine line of kings has played a key role in Indonesia's colonial rule, the independence struggle and recent politics. Manipulated by the colonial Dutch, then outmanoeuvred by President Soeharto � who took several of the sultan's sacred relics to boost his spiritual power � the court of Solo has fallen on hard times, riven by a bitter succession battle between two crown princes.

This wedding of the new Sultan's eldest daughter is the grandest event Solo � the cultural hub of Indonesia � has seen in a decade, a ceremony the palace hopes can inspire a populace distressed by the conflict within.

On display are thousands of years of power, culture and tradition, but behind the golden facade is an ancient court battling for survival and relevance in a modernising land.
For the first time, the royal who runs the Kraton, Princess Koes Martiyah, has spoken out against the rival clan headed by her eldest sister, Princess Ratu Alit, that has attempted to overturn the succession of Sultan Paku Buwono Hangabehi the 13th.

The rivals, who scoff at Hangabehi's poor education and playboy reputation, claim his half-brother, army officer Prince Tedjowoelan, is the rightful heir.

Martiyah, the king's sister, tells The Age that the rivals will be expelled from the family and Tedjowoelan will never be buried in the Kraton's sacred ground.
A month ago, Tedjowoelan and hundreds of supporters stormed the Kraton on the anniversary of Hangabehi's coronation.

After forcing open the ancient teak gates, they were halted by truckloads of local police. Royals, who usually project calm and serenity, descended into shoving and spitting.

Tedjowoelan vows he "will not give up struggling. A president is elected by his people, I was elected by the big family. Out of 35 children of Paku Buwono the 12th, 24 children supported me. Democracy has entered the Kraton of Solo; we have to accept it.

"What happened on August 29 was just a lesson for Hangabehi. I wanted to tell him that a man is not above everything. The Kraton is just an institution; what matters is the man who leads it."
Martiyah scowls at Tedjowoelan's name. "Those who are in defiance of the king or the Kraton should be punished, they should be expelled from our family. What is done by Tedjowoelan and my other relatives is a crime against the Kraton and the king."
If the prince does not apologise "he will be expelled from the family. He will not even be allowed to be buried in the royal cemetery."

Solo's police chief presided over peace talks between the brothers after Tedjowoelan staged a seven-hour sit-in on August 29.

Hangabehi gave his brother a year to consider his "mistake" before carrying out his expulsion.
Tedjowoelan says the pair's 45-minute conversation reached no conclusion.

"I explained to him what the Kraton needs to face the modern world. He said I can meet him any time, but the reality is different. His supporters, sisters, try very hard to stop me from seeing him, fearing me influencing him to give up the throne."

Hangabehi lacks substance and spiritual and mental strength, and "has no capability as a Kraton king to cope with future challenges", Tedjowoelan says.

History professor Djoko Suryo attributes the conflict to the fact that the late Sultan "had many wives but no first lady". Although Hangabehi is the eldest son, his father did not nominate a successor or name any of his six wives as his favourite and many of Solo's educated and business elite favour the more modern Tedjowoelan.

Solo's god-king is traditionally the most powerful in the land, with a spiritual lineage pre-dating any church's arrival. Although the royals are Muslim, which forbids idolatry, "this is Java", the princess says, and spiritual strength emanates from the Kraton.

Aside from three wives in the physical world, the Sultan is also betrothed to the spirit-queen of the sea, climbing a tall white tower inside the Kraton each year to service her needs in a private bedchamber.

Soeharto, who ruled Indonesia with an iron fist for more than 30 years, coveted the mystical powers of Solo's Sultan. He even married into the fringes of the royal family.
"He borrowed 11 heirlooms for his spiritual strength," Martiyah says. "However, my father was disappointed because he did not receive an equal treatment from Soeharto after what he did for him."

Djoko says that unlike Indonesia's other leading royal, the neighbouring Sultan of Yogyakarta, Solo's Sultan has not been appointed regional governor and accorded political power.
"It's related to the history of the fight for Indonesia, the Sultan of Yogyakarta declared support and sheltered guerillas in his Kraton while Solo hesitated," he says.
Weakened politically and economically, the Solo royals have resorted to selling titles and heirlooms.
The prestige of the royal family is still highly valued. Leading Indonesians line up to receive Solo titles, including former military chief Wiranto and ex-president Abdurrahman Wahid.
Rigid hierarchies still inhabit the Kraton. For the weekend's wedding the young groom and other participants waddle, squatting, into the grand reception hall to ensure their heads do not rise above the Sultan's. Outside sit more than a hundred wizened courtiers, too lowly to inhabit the same room. All move with slow grace, to the sound of a gamelan orchestra.
Wailing and at times almost orgasmic singing fill the air while Javanese dancers sway, wrists bent back and fingers extended in stylised poses.

Political and business figures from across Indonesia attended and the Kraton's grounds were bursting with flowerbeds and decorations.

But most of the flowers and many of the trees had disappeared the next morning, exposing grey sand beneath.

"It was all donation, all the decorations were donated by our relatives who wanted the Kraton to look good," Princess Martiyah says.

Staging the wedding was expensive, she repeats. Asked about the Kraton's finances, the princess replies: "Are we going to collapse, is that what you mean? "

"We are still able to perform the ritual and ceremony completely. We don't know what will happen in another 10 years, whether there would still be people who would work for and be loyal to the Kraton."
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Gebang/Cirebon - Jawa Barat

Raja of Gebang Posted by Picasa

Gebang: A state vassal of Cirebon, in Java

Surakarta Jawa Tengah) & Kaceribonan - Jawa Barat

Princes of Surakarta (left) and Kacirebonan.
Dr. Zool

Begin of reconciliation between the 2 Emperors of Surakarta

Article from magazine Tempo ,12 september 2005.
By Zed Abidien,IMron Rosyid and Anas Syahirul.

Two Princes,only one crown.

Prince Tedjowulan has reportedly agreed to recognize Hangabehi as Emperor(Susuhunan)of the Court of Surakarta.

Police in Solo in Central Java are confused by the presence of 2 claimants to the throne of the Court of Surakarta.2 stepbrothers KGPH Hangebehi and KHPH Tedjowulan are both claiming to be the rightful succesor to Susuhunan Paku Buwono XII.

On monday last week, police stopped 100 of Tedjowulan's supporters from entering the keraton(palace) before bundling them into trucks to take them away.The mob tried to break through the Sasono Putra gate of the Surakarta Hadingrat Palace. As a result the gate made from teak on the w side of the palace broke.."I just wanted to meet Kangmas Hangabehi",said T.
T. managed to meet his stephbrother after 7 hous wait.During the meeting ,which reportedly proceeded in a tense atmosphere, H. was accompannied by KPH Haryo Haryo Mataram; a court elder and his lawyer Elza Syarief.T , for his part, was accompagnied by his lawyer Harry Susilo.Sr. Com. Abdul Madjid, Chief of the Solo Police, said the meeting took place after he called in Elza and Harry."I told them that I would hold them responsible , if the situation got out of control and threatened security", said AM.
Both H and T and their lawyers fefused to disclose the results of the meeting.In a reply to a reporter's question,Elza said:"No comment."However T reprtedly paid obeisance to H and begged an apology from his stephbrother.He reportedly expressed regrets for having crowned himself as Paku Buwono XIII.Harry denied the report."No,that's not true",he said.According to Harry,the 2¨princes exchanged greetings like 2 brothers ,who had not seen each other for a long time."They embraced each other",he told Tempo.

Still the meeting could be the beginning of a reconsiliation btween the 2 Imperial brothers.A clear signal as such was given by KPH Haryoa Mataram."The Emperor remains the crowned one(H)and T to be the general",he said.HM statement matched with an option said to have been offered by T for a solution tomthe dispute:H to be the Emperor and T the crownprince.This means ,that T will be the Emperorin the event of H's stephdown(H only has daughters).A 2nd option offered by T was for him to be the Emperor and H the Imperial advisor.

KPH Eddy Wiraumi;one of H's brothers-in-law,said he did hear about the option being offered by GPH Suryo Wicsalsono; a supporter of T.Another version says,that T told H ,that he was not aiming for the crown.Even ,if he was named the Emperor,he would take the crown to ensure the continuity of the Court of Surakarta.

Ensuring the continuity of the Surakarta Court should be a priority in the agenda of any Prince successor to the Imperial House,which was founded by Susuhunan Paku Buwono II in 1774.Not only have many of the Imperial properties been lost,the condition of the court itself is saddening.The palace is now cramped in the midst of a noisy marketlace;Pasar Klewer,and other commercial buildings.

Many hope,te Imperial conflict would be resolved soon.Already there were reports,that last week's demonstration outside the keraton was financed by provocateurs."Whereas we know all along,that it is a family affair",said Policechief Abdul Madjid

Three Coins In A Fountain - Sandiwara Surakarta

Ditukil dari: NOVA TERBARU

Putri ke- 25 PB XII, GRAy.Koes Moertijah menyayangkan keluarnya keputusan tiga lembaga keraton yang mengangkat KGPH.Tedjowulan sebagai putra mahkota. "Lembaga itu tidak punya kewenangan apa pun. Bagi kami itu pelecehan budaya leluhurnya sendiri. Bakal kena walat," ujar adik kandung Hangabehi ini. Moertijah sangat keberatan kakak kandungnya dianggap tidak punya kemampuan sebagai calon raja. "Itu penilaian ngawur. Mereka tahu diri sendiri saja tidak, kok. Makanya dalam testamen Sinuhun PB XII itu, semua putra-putri Sinuhun harus nyengkuyung Mas Behi. Yang penting Mas Behi, kan, sehat jasmani dan rohani." Bila mau menilik ke belakang, kata Moertijah, PB X adalah raja yang buta huruf. "Tetapi dia adalah raja yang sangat bijaksana. Beliau mampu melihat yang orang lain tidak tahu. Saat itulah zaman keemasan Keraton Surakarta," kata Moertijah. Penobatan seorang raja, menurut Moertijah, haruslah berpijak pada paugeran atau aturan keraton yang telah menjadi undang-undang, hukum adat di dalam Keraton Surakarta Hadiningrat. "Karena itulah seluruh keluarga besar Keraton Surakarta harus tahu dan menjalankan semua undang-undang tersebut." Bila kemudian tiga lembaga di dalam keraton menobatkan Tedjo, "Ini namanya sudah tidak menganggap bapaknya sendiri. Mereka sudah sembrono pada berdirinya seorang raja. Penobatan mereka itu sudah ketoprakan. Jangan bicara sebagai anak Sinuhun PB XII atau keluarga keraton Surakarta bila tak mau mentaati peraturan." Tiga lembaga itu, kata Moertijah, dibentuk Sinuhun untuk menjalankan perintah raja. "Semua keputusan ada pada raja. Makanya dalam setiap surat selalu ada huruf I.N kependekan darti kata Ingkang Nindakaken (yang menjalankan perintah). Sayangnya kemudian dirusak oleh mereka-mereka yang kebetulan putra dalem." Lantas apa solusi untuk mengatasi kemelut keraton? Saya sudah bosan cari solusi. Kami selalu dipermainkan. Contohnya, menjelang hari H Selasa (31/8) kemarin, katanya Gusti Tedjo mau masuk keraton untuk melakukan laku spiritual. Ditunggu sampai pagi enggak datang." Soal penutupan pintu Brojonolo, pintu utama keraton menjelang penobatan Tedjo, yang dilakukann pihaknya, Moertijah berdalih sedang ada perbaikan. "Sebelum menutup, kami sudah melakukan koordinasi dengan Pak Lurah setempat. Jadi, kalau mereka tidak tahu, ya aneh." Moertijah berharap masyarakat tidak bingung terhadap ontran-ontran di keraton."Enggak perlu bingung. Saya juga mengimbau pada saudara-saudara saya untuk berintrospeksi lagi. Kalau perlu mereka harus belajar lagi soal budaya keraton."
Dijumpai di Jakarta, pengusaha jamu dan kosmetika, secara tegas mendukung KGPH.Tedjowulan sebagai PB XIII. "Tapi saya tidak sendiri. Tidak kuat. Banyak sesepuh keraton dan kerabat lain di Jakarta yang mendukung Gusti Tedjo. Sayangnya, para kerabat keraton itu tak berani bersuara. Sebab kalau bersuara, gelar dan jabatannya akan dicabut," lanjut cucu PB X itu. Kendati mendukung penuh, Moorjati menolak bila dikatakan sebagai sponsor utama. "Tidak ada uang perusahaan saya yang keluar untuk jumenengan Gusti Tedjo sebagai raja. Memang kami keluar uang, tetapi itu sumbangan para donatur dan kerabat yang mendukung Gusti Tedjo." Perihal kediamannya di Solo ketempatan untuk penobatan Tedjo sebagai putra mahkota, Mooryati menegaskan, "Saat itu seluruh pintu akses menuju keraton ditutup. Tak ada seorang pun dari kami, bahkan warga di sekitar beteng kraton yang bisa keluar dan masuk." Mooryati mengungkapkan, meski tidak dinobatkan di dalam keraton, Tedjo tetap sah menjadi PB XIII. "Contohnya, PB I dan PB II dinobatkan di Semarang gara-gara pemberontakan di keraton," ujar Mooryati menambahkan. Kerabat keraton yang tinggal di Solo dan Jakarta banyak yang mendukung Tedjo. "Kami menginginkan keraton sebagai aset budaya nasional, terselamatkan dengan baik. Soal kewenangan tiga lembaga seperti yang digugat Moertijah, Mooryati berpendapat, "Jangan melihat apakah tiga lembaga itu punya hak mengangkat putra mahkota atau tidak. Lembaga itu mewakili para kerabat dan abdi dalem yang akan dipimpin raja."
Desainer cantik RAy.Poppy Darsono
ikut menghadiri penobatan KGPH.Tedjowulan menjadi putra mahkota. Apa pendapat Poppy tentang penobatan itu? "Gusti Tedjo diangkat sebagai putra mahkota karena beliau mampu mengambil sikap tegas atas kemelut di keraton." Poppy mengingatkan, Tedjo dinobatkan sebagai putra mahkota oleh tiga lembaga inti di keraton. Bukan sebagai raja. "Setelah jadi putra mahkota, beliau melantik diri sendiri sebagai PB XIII," ujar Poppy yang berpendapat putra lelaki tertua tidak otomatis menggantikan raja. "Menurut sejarahnya tidak seperti itu. Sinuhun PB XII itu putra kedua. Sri Sultan HB X juga bukan putra tertua. Beliau jadi raja atas dasar kesepakatan. Nah, Gusti Tedjo itu dipilih atas dasar kesepakatan." Menurut Poppy, Tedjo diharapkan banyak orang untuk mengatasi kemelut. Yang dimaksud Poppy dengan "banyak orang" adalah para abdi dalem bela raos (anak cucu para abdi dalem, Red), dan masyarakat. "Juga sentono dalem seperti saya dan ibu Moorjati Sudibyo, cucu PB X yang sudah lama tinggal lama di Jakarta." Alasan Poppy memberi dukungan pada Tedjo agar keraton jadi sumber dari kebudayaan Jawa. "Tentu saja kami ingin memiliki pemimpin yang kharismatik. Raja juga harus berwawasan global dan harus mampu berkomunikasi dengan logika yang jernih. Nah, dari semua figur di keraton, saya hanya melihat Gusti Tedjo yang mampu. Saya orang moderen hanya melihat segala sesuatunya secara profesional." Tentang rencana penobatan KGPH.Hangabehi yang berdasar naluri, Poppy memandang penobatan KGPH.Tedjo juga memiliki naluri. "Mungkin kita harus melihat track record-nya, pendidikannya, masalah sosialnya. Itu penting sekali sebagai modal jadi Sinuhun. Sebagai kepala klan pusat kebudayaan Jawa di Solo, kelak akan berhubungan dengan Presiden, menteri dan rakyat."

Atmosphere in Imperial palace of Suarakarta becomes very hot.

Ca. 1 1/2 week after some persons from the side of the rival-Susuhunan Paku Buwono XIII of Surakarta (former Prince Tedjowoelan)tried to get acces to the palace for cultural-religious reasons,which was denied without a talk beforte,which was requested by the in the palace living Susuhunan Paku Buwono XIII of Surakarta(former Prince Hangabehi),the side of PB XIII/Tedjowoelan tried to get into the palace,which seemed a sort of friendly invasion to open the staus quo,which was as death water now.Police and even a younger brother of the in the palace living Emperor PB XII/Hangebehi could prevent it.But probably now the things are going on now again.I hope both Imperial Royals will get the wisdom to talk in a wise way to find a solution,which will be seen as an exemplary-royal way to solve problems in this world.
May the Loving God help them with it.

Royal conflict in Surakarta shows no signs of cooling down.

You can read the article thru the link below. Thanks to Mr. Lukasz Skopinski for the lead.

Surakarta Showdown !

The dispute within the Surakarta Hadiningrat Palace in Surakarta took a new twist on Monday when supporters of a rival prince broke into the palace complex claiming that they had come to save the palace's sacred relics and dignity.

Flanked by hundreds of his supporters, His Highness Kanjeng Gusti Pangeran Haryo Tedjowulan demanded to meet his brother, His Highness Hangabehi.

"I want to see my brother, without other relatives' involvement. I want to see him alone," Tedjowulan said in Kori Kamandungan, the palace's main gate.

Warriors hot on heels!

Surakarta - Solo - Jawa Tengah

Susuhunan Pakubuwono XIII Hangabehi - Tedjoewoelan nemesis ?

Surakarta - Solo - Jawa Tengah

Surakarta spectre !
Dr. Zool

Solo - Surakarta - Jawa Tengah

The late Pakubuwono IX, Solo Posted by Picasa Photo courtesy Pusaka

diFestival Kraton, Yogyakarta 2004. - Jawa Tengah

Kupang, Banjarmasin, Matan, Bone and Gowa. Posted by Picasa

From Left: Raja of Kupang, Raja/Usif Leopold N. Isu Nisnoni, Raja of Kupang and Liurai of Sonbai Kecil, candidate-Sultan of Banjarmasin Ir. M.M. Gusti Khairul Saleh bin Gusti Jumberi, chief dynastic traditional council Uti Iwan Kusnadi, BA of Matan (West-Kalimantan), Pemangku Adat (chief representatives of tradition) Andi Mappassissi of Bone (father of the candidate-Arumpone/Raja:Haji Andi Baso Hamid) and future-Somba (Sultan or Karaeng) Andi Kumala Andi Ijo Karaeng Sila of Gowa (both in SW-Sulawesi) (Photo courtesy of Mrs Minako Sakai, Univ. Of NSW, Australia).