Thursday, August 04, 2005

Lohayong - Solor - NTT

Raja Haji Achmad Kalake of Lohayong (Solor 1977 - ) Posted by Picasa

Rajas of Lohayong are in fact the successors of the paramount Rajas of Solor and surrounding Rajas .....

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Hans Hagerdal said...

Lohayong or Lawayong was a rather small principality situated on a not very fertile island. In spite of these shortcomings, it was relatively important in region due to its strategic location. From Lohayong it was facile to reach both Flores and Timor, and the north coast of Solor was protected from the elements. The Portuguese, led by Dominican padres, established themselves there in the 1560s, though an uprising in 1598 shook their position, which they lost with the Dutch conquest of Solor in 1613. During the 17th century, the (nominally Muslim)rajas and ratus of Lohayong were known to the Dutch as kings and queens of Solor - Kaicil Pertiwi pre 1613-1645, his widow Nyai Cili 1646-64, her niece or granddaughter Nyai Cili Muda 1664-86, and her nephew Sengaji Cili 1687-1700. They claimed to be overlords of the Alor archipelago as well. They were important supporters of the VOC in its struggles with the Portuguese, even after the VOC decided to change its main fort to Kupang on Timor in 1653. The line of Solor kings died out with Sengaji Cili in 1700, and new families took over as local princes (sengajis). The family who came to dominate affairs in the 18th century claimed descent from an earlier ruler of Solor. They had to endure attacks by the Catholics of Larantuka in 1759, and internal rebels from Menanga in 1773. The changing face of colonialism decreased their regional importance in the 19th century, and it was officially incorporated in the larger principality of Larantuka in 1929 - ironically forced by the Dutch colonial authorities to subjugate themselves to their erstwhile enemies.