Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Terong - Adonara - Flores - NTT

Raja of Terong bersama Isteri. Raja Adia Kapitan (1968 - ).
Terong is on the island of Adonara
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Raja Muda Kuno said...

Terong was one of the business principalities in the East-Flores area.The area is known for the close bond between people and Raja.The principality was never a close friend of nearby business principality of Lamahala.
Some say ,that the Rajas of the so-caled Watan Lima area(3 on Adonara,2 on Solor and maybe Labala on Lomblem/Lembata(diferent descent)are of Buginese descent.The present Raja has a golden dagger/keris from Bugis area;given to his ancestors by a Buginese king.The Raja lives uphill in the village of Terong.The building of houses on the little hill like area(like in some other areasa also:like Lamakera on Solor;looks a bit like the using of space on Gibraltar.

Raja Muda Kuno said...

Dear contacts;

I am now speaking with Mister Idrus Manuputty. Alias Raja Muda Adie Jou Jengaji of Lamahala on Adonaro island. He told me that the mayor of Lamahala town died. I don't know, if he means the most recent former mayor, because that is Raja Muda Haji Buchair Sengaji, who is pretender - Raja of Lahala, or a person of the Kropong branch of the family, who delivered the mayor(kepala dessa Lamahala) before. He also said, that only limited amount of descendants of rajas (of 3 brothers in end 19th century) are eligible to become raja. The Sengaji branch is real ruling (main) branch now.