Saturday, July 02, 2005

Sintang - Kalimantan Barat

The new panembahan, second from right. Next to him is Mr. Md. Aman.
Photo courtesy - Md. Aman, Singapore's Pontianak Kerabat.

On 26-9-2005 the 2nd son of the in 1944 by the Japanese beheaded King of Sintang will be installed after a sede-vacante of 49 years as new Panembahan of Sintang in West-Borneo/Kalimantan.

The 63 years old Raden Muhammad Ikhsani Ismail Tsjafioeddin will receive the Royal title of Pangeran Ratu Sri Kesuma Negara V.Sintang lies in the SW of West-Kalimantan.
New King of Sintang(W.-Kalimantan)installed 26-9-2005
After nearly half century, a new King was installed in Sintang in W.Kalimantan (Borneo).
The last Panembahan was deposed by the Dutch East-Indish Government in 1946 , because of to fanatic nationalist thinking and acting. Then the son of the in 1944 by the Japanase murdered Panembahan (like all the other monarchs of West-Borneo) was the eligible person. A ruling council was installed. The eligible person to become the new Panembahan (minor in 1946) later became chief of the Panembahan family. He died some years ago.Then a grandson of a much praised Regent-Panembahan was dynastychief.His son wanted to become the new dynastychief after the death of the royal chief in december 2003,but most of the dynasty wanted to go back to the main line,although the regent-branch lived in one of the 2 palaces(the other palace was made a royal museum).The younger brother(lives in Pontianak part of the time);the candidate to become new Panembahan;already lived much as such and was installed on 26-9-2005 as new King:so Raden Muhammad Ikhsani Ismail Tsjafioedin(with his wife Ratu Maria Ulfah) was installed with much ceremony as Pangeran Ratu Sri Kesuma Negara V .

The Kings of Sambas,Landak and Pontianak as well as Royal delegations from Sanggau and Sekadau(all from West-Borneo)were attending the installation.

We hope to post nice pictures of it in due time.You also can ask us for the pictures via e-mail at .The new King is known for his big interest in the history and culture(inclusive the royal one)of Sintang


Raja Muda Kuno said...

Better you can say Sintang lies in the southern-east part of West-Kalimantan.In due time we shall give you information and pictures of the installation of this new King of Sintang,whose forefathers ruled before over a Kingdom,which was in 1942 ca. 32.000 km2;about the same size of the Kingdom of Belgium.

Raja Muda Kuno said...

On the right of the picture you can see the future Queen of Sintang,which is born as Maria Ulfah.I am not aware yet,of the Royal title she will receive on 26-9-2005.The picture was taken,when the future King of Sintang;as then chief of the Royal dynasty of Sintang,was being one of the Royal guests at the installation of the new Sultan of Pontianak;relative short time ago.Mr. Mohamad bin Aman;2nd from left on the picture;is the son of Mr Aman,who was adopted as son by Sultan Syarif Muhammad al-Qadri of Pontaianak(ruled 1895-1944).

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