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Banjarmasin elect its 'ruler'. - Kalimantan Timur

The nominated 'Sultan' of Banjarmasin, Haji Ir.M. M. Gusti Khairul Saleh bin Gusti Jumberi (41 years old). was chosen as the Bupati of Banjarmasin (S. Kalimantan/Indonesia)
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Raja Muda Kuno said...

On the 11th of June 2005 the candidate-Sultan of Banjarmasin in S.E.-Kalimantan; Haji Ir. M.M. Gusti (means Prince/Princess)Khairul Saleh bin Gusti Jumberi ; born 5-1-1964; was elected in the first direct elections ever for Bupati-ship(districtruler)the new Bupati of Banjarmasin. Bupati is the 3rd highest degree of ruler in Indonesia after Governor(Gubernur)of a Province and President of the Republic in Indonesia.

He is directly descended from the brother of the foremost last real ruled Sultan of Banjarmasin:Sultan Adam Alwassikh Billah(1825-1857)and is also chief of the traditional council of the Sultan dynasty of Banjarmasin: "Yayasan Sulthan Adam Banjarmasin",which aim is to honour the roles the Sultan's has played in the history and religious life of the Sultanate.

The sultanate of Banjarmasin was abolished by the Dutch East-Indish Government in 1860 after internal dynastic troublew,which turned against the coöperation with the DEIG.Pretender-Sultans used to function until at least 1905.

Candidate-Sultan Khairul Saleh;a pious,but pragmatic believer;was one of the highest government officials of Banjarmasin town before his election as new Bupati of Banjarmasin,which is the central part of the old ,once very powerfull Sultanate,which had influence,or government control in total East-Kalimantan;of present day Indonesia;via S.-Kalimantan until the half of W.-Kalimantan.

The dynastycouncil issues his own historical/social/religious magazine and helds regular historical-religious meetings(for instance on the Royal cemetery of nearby town of Martapura(the old Royal city)to honour the old Royal rulers,who did so much to keep a pure relgion in Banjarmasin.

The camdidate-Sultan of Banjarmasin was supported by some of the most important local relgious leaders of the area.
The candidate-Sultan attended the 4th National Royal Indonesian Festival(Festival Keraton Nusantara IV)in september 2004 in Yogyakarta as dynastycouncil chief.

It is hoped,that now a candidate-Sultan becomes the highest ruler in a former Sultanate,that a good Royal Delegation for FKN V in Surakarta will be sended.The candidate-Sultan did a lot of precious historical researches.

He will be Bupati from 2005-2010.
With this election he is the 1st (candidate-)monarch of Indonesia in the modern time(besides the Sultan of Yogyakarta),who helds the highest government position in an Indonesian big area,which encompasses at least the central part of a former Indonesian Kingdom.

The Sultan-Bupati of Banjarmasin is married with Hajjah Raudutul Jannah,Dra. M.M. binti Zakaria Sbran,who is from mother's side also descended from one of the last Sultans of Banjarmasin.
Like her husband she is also educated highly.The candidate-Sultan and- Sultana have a young daughter and a son.

See also on the other posting on this website ;behind the picture in his Royal clothes,when he visited FKN IV.

Raja Muda Kuno said...

The rule of this Sultan-Bupati will be a testcase for the modern world,if the traditional roalty are good and loving rulers and also blessed by God if they rule good.
May God blesses him.

Raja Muda Kuno said...

Dear readers;

Excuse me for wrong info from Indonesia before.The candidate-Sultan of Banjarmasin more or less already won first direct election of Banjarmasin(called Kabupaten Banjar)for Bupatiship on 30-6,when rivalsgave up,he was declared winner 9-7 and installed by Governor of S.-Kalimantan 6-8-2005.

Raja Muda Kuno said...

He is now Bupati of Kabupaten Baanjar.