Saturday, July 02, 2005

Sintang - Kalimantan Barat

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Raja Muda Kuno said...

He was the grandson of a former much praised temporary/regent - Panembahan of Sintang. Maybe the best ruler Sintang ever had.

He was dynasty chief of Sintang until his death on 6-12-2004. Then the dynasty reverted to the main line. Thus his son Prince Saidi Putra Bahtiar did not succeed him.

Towards the end of his life, the former chief feared that the government would take away his palace. But fortunately they (the government) changed their mind.

He met a Dutch Roman Catholic Priest, Father J. Maessen, who not only cared for the Dayak people of Sintang, but also interested the Dutch government to support the Sintang government to build up a centre for local history, including the (Muslim) history of the Panembahan dynasty of Sintang (by "digging up" documents from the good detailed archives in Holland). This was possible after the introduction of the local autonomy laws.

The Sintang dynastic chief will always be remembered as friendly, energetic and keen to help anyone. He was a gentleman.

He helped strengthened the sinew of local traditional social structures that is represented by the 'kraton-budaya symbiosis' of Indonesia.