Thursday, July 07, 2005

Father Jacques Maesen with the Panembahan of Sintang - Sintang

Father Jacques Maessen next to the Panembahan of Sintang. All the photos relating to Sintang installation is courtesy of Father Jacques Maessen. Posted by Picasa

The new installed King of Sintang with his Queen with Court officials and retainers with a good friend and special guest of the King:

the Roman Catholic priest from Dutch descent Father Jacques Maessen;SVD,who delivered us these unique and wonderfull pictures.The priest serves in Sintang and tries to help the Royal dynasty of Sintang to get old documentation and pictures of the Royal history.

Together with the local government, the Royal dynasty and the Dutch government/Royal Institute of the Tropics in Amsterdam, he helps to set up a new historical documentation centre about the local culture and history.
The priest actively helps the local Dayak people in Sintang and nearby areas to preserve their own culture in this so-called modern world.

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Raja Muda Kuno said...

The from Dutch descent Roman Catholic Priest is much helping local Dayak peoples to preserve their clture as well as local dynasty.He is interemediary man to set up for total Sintang a big documentation centre with help of Holland