Friday, July 01, 2005

Banjarmasin - Kalimantan Timur

Banjarmasin, Kalimantan. Posted by Picasa photo courtesy Pusaka

Banjarmasin Royalties, from left: Gusti Juliana, Prince Arya, Heer Donald P. Tick
gelar Raja Muda Kuno and the candidate - Sultan of Banjarmasin at the FKN IV Festival in Jogyakarta, 2004.

This candidate-sultan isn't selected officially as the future Sultan of Banjarmasin, but ....

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Raja Muda Kuno said...

This Prince isn't selected officially as the future Sultan of Banjarmasin, but he is much on his way to become it. He is chief of the semi-religious historical institute; Yayasan Sulthan Adam (named after the last great Sultan of Banjarmasin (died 1857), who is also occupied with the general history of Banjarmasin.

This in 2005 41 years old chief of infrastructure section of Banjarmasin city is also in 2005 candidate to become the new Bupati of Banjarmasin district; with much relgious backing.The Yayasan also makes his own bi-monthly magazine ,which concentrates on the religious character of Banjarmasin and also to historical things.
He also attended the 4th Indonesian National Royal Festival in Yogyakarta in september 2004. (Festival Keraton Nusantara IV). If he is elected as Bupati ,then he will be the first important chief within a royal dynasty of Indonesia (whose rule was abolished before) to come back to rule as the main man in a part of Indonesia in modern time.

Probably all his ambitions will accumulate later in his installation as new Sultan of Banjarmasin. The woman on this picture is descended directly from Sultan Adam, She is descended from the brother of this Sultan.
Her son carries the semi-royal title of Andin; a title for a Prince/Princess of Banjarmasin (Gusti),who is married with a civil person (c.q.:Donald Tick from Vlaardingen/Holland, who is member of the Royal Court of Kupang/Timor).

Banjarmasin was before the largest Sultanate of present day Indonesian. Borneo/Kalimantan; having influence in the whole of East-Borneo via S.-Borneo until the half of West Borneo. In Kotawaringin in W.-Borneo ruled a branch of the dynasty and the so-called Tanah Bumbu statelets in SW-Borneo were also ruled by Banjarmasin princes.