Saturday, January 01, 2005

Princess of Banjarmasin

YM Gusti Yulianitha of Banjarmasin with husband Heer Donald P. Tick 'gelar' Raja Muda Kuno, ahli kerabat Kerajaan Kerajaan Kupang, Bulungan and Yang diPertuan Muda Riau dan Lingga. Heer Donald hails from Vlaardingen in the Netherlands.


scarlet pimpernel said...

Heer Donald P. Tick gelar Raja Muda Kuno - "The Man" to look for if you are ever lost in the gamut of the royal Indonesian antiquities.

Ever since his first "royal fling" some 22 years ago, this 42 year old "Raja Kuno" of Dutch-Javanese genre has never looked back.

"Ik ben van Indonesische afkomst maar ben in Vlaardingen geboren. Mijn oma is een volbloed Javaanse. Ik denk dat ik de interesse voor deze hobby een beetje van mijn moeder heb mee gekgregen".

"Raja Kuno" Donald Tick weet alles over Indonesische vorstenhuize. Hij wordt wel de wandelende encyclopedie van dit onderwerp genoemd.

Wie iets wil weten, een detail, een bijzonderheid, is bij hem altijd aan het goede adres.

He has amassed and catalogued some 4,000 original copies of old and rare photographs of Indonesian royalties and chieftains into his personal archive. He is still looking out for more. Donald Tick zoekt foto's van Sultan's, Panembahan's, Raja's en Liurai's voor encyclopedie.

He writes for European magazines and also Dutch websites with an Indonesian royalty theme. His vast and intimate knowledge of the Indonesian royalties of kingdoms raised and kingdoms razed has literally made him into a personification of a "walking encyclopaedia" with respect to his much loved Indonesian theme.

He is truly a rare gem and a valuable asset to authors, academicians, professionals and not a few curious cats that wishes to explore deeper this vast theme of the land of "One Nation, A Thousand Kings!"

International Networking - Pusaka Personal weblinks - Collection of photos of Indonesian kings. - Photoblogs of Indonesian nominal kings, articles and commentaries.

Indonesiche Vorsten Documentatie Centrum 'PUSAKA'

Van Bleiswijkstraat 52 C 3135 AM VlaaRdingen (O) Nederland,

Phone 010 - 4603516

ContacT Person : Donald. P. Tick

Raja Muda Kuno said...

The in 2005 30 year old Princes Gusti Yulianitha is the daughter of the Banjarmasin Prince Gusti Uster,who wents as an employer of an oilcompany to Balikpapan.He married with a owman from Madura;Ibu Bahriani.Princess Gusti Yulianitha studied mathematics for 7 years at a University in Yogyakarta and later went to teach at several highschools in Balikpapan.In 2004 she could work it out to convince and bring the candidate-Sultan Haji Ir. M.M. Gusti Khairul Saleh to the 4th Indonesian Royal Festival in Yogyakarta.
In Yogyakarta she was the female representative of the Banjarmasin Royal court.
In 2003 she married a member of the Royal Court of Kupang/Timor;Raja Muda Kuno(D.P. Tick)who she met at the 3rd Indonesian Royal Festival in Kutai Kertanegara.She also tried to bring together young Indonesian royals to talk about perserving old Indonesian royal traditions and to talk about Indonesian royal culture in the present time via her organisation "Perbani"(the rising moon).She is now the mother of a little Prince,with title Andin and names Adam Arya Suriansyah(partly Banjarmasin Royal names)Leopold(named after the Raja/Usif of Kupang/Timor).She is direct descendant of the last great Sultan of Banjarmasin:Sultan Adam Alwassikubilah.Via her international contacts she could obtain a realistic drawing of her forefather,which she could give;together with other old drawings and old pictures of important Banjarmasin royals;to the Royal Court of Banjarmasin and the local museum.
She is now much known in Indonesian Royal circles and she visited several times Royal courts throughout Indonesia.
F.i. she was the guest of the Sultan of Kutai Kartanegara,the Rajas of Amanatun,Kupang,Amabi,Mollo,Amfoan,the widom of the Raja of the Helong people;all in Timor area,etc.

Raja Muda Kuno said...

D.P. Tick is also honourary Wakil-Fettor(vice-ruler)of Amabi on Timor(W.).