Saturday, January 01, 2005


Heer Donald Pietro Tick during the investiture ceremony annointing him gelar Raja Muda Kuno by Usif Leopold Nesnoni and Fettor/Raja Gideon Amabi. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Heer Donald Pietro Tick was annointing as gelar Raja Muda Kuno by Usif Leopold Nesnoni and Fettor/Raja Gideon Amabi.

Raja Ali Haji - Pahlawan Nasional Indonesia 2004 said...

I believe this is a most unique nobility title in the world ! i.e. gelar "Raja Muda Kuno".

There is definitely none who can claimed to be an authority of kings and princes of Indonesia.

He also helps to promote the cultural and tourism values of the areas which he does research on.

You can see his "touch" all over the websites, newspapers and television programs and of course books on princely kings of Indonesia.

I hope and pray someday he gets an acknowledgement from the President of Indonesia or at least its Tourism/Cultural Minister for his unfailing effort to promote Indonesia via his princely networks.

Keep up the good work, Heer Tick.


Raja Muda Kuno said...

On 12-7-2003 Donald Tick (with dark glasses)from the Netherlands was admitted as member of the Royal Court of the Usif(Raja)of Kupang/West-Timor:His Royal Highness Leopold N. Isu Nisnoni(right on the picture).This was done in attendance of H.H. Fettor-Raja Gideon Amabi;sub-monarch of mAmabi(left);within the Kupang Royal federation and Fettor S. OEmatan of Kupang and his wife..He is a side branch of the Raja-dynasty of Mollo/middle-W.-Timor,who always had a close relationship with the Sonbai-dynasty.The Nisnoni-dynasty is a branch(actually the older branch)of the Sonbai dynasty and it's area is called Sonbai Kecil(Little Sonbait).
The Fettor is one of the closest assistants of the Raja of Kupang.
Of course also members of the Royal Court of Kupang;Sonaf KotaE Bakunase;were present.
This merit was done because of the works Donald Tick has done for the Royal Family of Kupang,the province ,of which Timor makes part of.(On the historical,touristic,cultural,etc. level).The honourific title "Raja Muda Kuno"(=the young Prince,who loves the old(history")is only a way of the King of Kupang (normal in Indonesia history)to say thank you in the most honourfull way fopr services rendered.A similar honour was given by HH Fettor-Raja Gideon Amabi of Amabi on 25-6-2003,when Donald Tick and his brother John Tick from Austria were allowed to be part of the Princely Court of Amabi with the honourific title Wakil-Fettor(vice-monarch)of Amabi.In 2002 the Sultan's dynasty of Bulungan/East-Kalimantan already allowed Donald Tick to call himself "Anggota Kerabat Kesultanan Bulungan"(member of the Royal Court(literally "family")of the Sultan0s dynasty of Bulungan and official representant of this dynasty for Europe.
Espacially the first honour gives real rights,but most of all also duties!
The wife of Donald Tick has a real royal title:Gusti(Prince/Princess)Yulianitha of Banajarmasin;direct descendant of the foremost last Sultan Adam Alwassikh Billah(died 1857).
His son Adam Arya Suryansyah Leopold has the noble title of "Andin".