Saturday, January 01, 2005

The Riau Lingga Dynasty Royal Representative

The website Technical Advisor is also the webmaster of , Md. Mokhtar bin Abdul Aziz (left) who is the representative of the Riau Lingga Yang diPertuan Muda's royal cohort in Singapore.

The above photo was taken during Festival Kraton Nusantara IV in Yogyakarta with
Usif Leopold Nesnoni, Raja of Kupang, the king with the rakyat's heart.

All official matters regarding the Riau Lingga dynasty in Singapore and Malaysia should be address and forwarded to the webmaster at Thank you.


Raja Muda Kuno said...

Mister Mohammad Mokhtar bin Abdelaziz;a Singapore based civil intermarried in the Royal family of Riau-Lingga;is a man with much interest in the history of the Kingdom of his wife Her Highness Raja Habibah binti Raja Hassan.His wife in fact belongs to the Buginese co-dynasty (together with the Sultan,who belongs to the other co-dynasty)of vice-Kings,or Yang di Pertuan Muda's or Yam Tuam Muda's.He and his wife were the first representatives of the 2 co-dynasties of Riau-Lingga Sultanate,who entered Indonesian soil for official purposes since 93 years,since the major people of the co-dynasties choose in 1911 to go into "free exile" to Singapore,after which the Dutch East-Indish Government abolished the monarchy in Riau-Lingga.They went their as representatives of the Riau-Lingga co-dynasties during the 4th National Indonesian Royal Festival(Festival Keraton Nusantara IV)in september 2004 in Yogyakarta.)Mister M.M. Abdelazizi is here depicted on the left,while meeting(on the right;also in civil clothes)the King of Kupang on the island of Timor:HRH Usif(Raja)Leopold N. Isu Nisnoni(who is also Liurai of Sonbai Kecil).The webmaster of this site(Donald P.Tick (gelar Raja Muda Kuno)is member of the Royal Court of Kupang.
Hopefully in 2006 during the 5th National Indonesian Royal Festival(FKN V)in Surakarta Tuanku Abdul Rahman;the nominal-Sultan of Riau-Lingga;together with his Royal wife Sultana Maznah also will attend;together with other members of his dynasty.

Raja Muda Kuno said...

Riau-Lingga encompassed before Riau-Lingga with vasalstates like Indragiri and other areas,Singapore,and the present Malaysian sultanates of Johore and Pahang(at least these areas in Malaysia).The Sultanate of Riau-Lingga was before one of the most biggest and important monarchies of the Malayu area.
The language,which is speaken here later on became the National language(as "lingua franca")of Indonesia.