Sunday, May 01, 2005

di Festival Kraton II, Cirebon - Jawa Barat

Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono and delegates of FKN 2 in Cirebon
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Raja Muda Kuno said...

Maybe on the left is the candidate-Arumpone of Bone:Haji Andi Baso Hamid;son of main representative of Bone dynasty:the fluent Dutch speaking former royal rebel Prince(against Dutch East-Indish Government after WW II)Andi Mappasissi.The latter is now the main person behind showing the Royal culture of Bone in the palace museum in Watampone.
On the right with glasses is the also Dutch speaking Sultan Haji Aji Muh. Salehuddin II of Kutai Kartanegara(ing Martadipura)and his in 2004 passed away main aid of the Kutai Sultan:Haji Aji Raden Burahanuddin gelar Haji Aji Raden Aryo Sastro.A great specilaist on history Kutai and one of the most symphatic Royal persons in Indonesia you ever could have met!!!
The Sultan of Yogyakarta also displayed on this picture;a big fighter to go back in Indonesia to the good things in life(f.i. politically)doesn't speak much Dutch.He however speaks fluently English and is the Indonesian King with perhaps the most international contacts.