Sunday, May 01, 2005

Begin of reconciliation between the 2 Emperors of Surakarta

Article from magazine Tempo ,12 september 2005.
By Zed Abidien,IMron Rosyid and Anas Syahirul.

Two Princes,only one crown.

Prince Tedjowulan has reportedly agreed to recognize Hangabehi as Emperor(Susuhunan)of the Court of Surakarta.

Police in Solo in Central Java are confused by the presence of 2 claimants to the throne of the Court of Surakarta.2 stepbrothers KGPH Hangebehi and KHPH Tedjowulan are both claiming to be the rightful succesor to Susuhunan Paku Buwono XII.

On monday last week, police stopped 100 of Tedjowulan's supporters from entering the keraton(palace) before bundling them into trucks to take them away.The mob tried to break through the Sasono Putra gate of the Surakarta Hadingrat Palace. As a result the gate made from teak on the w side of the palace broke.."I just wanted to meet Kangmas Hangabehi",said T.
T. managed to meet his stephbrother after 7 hous wait.During the meeting ,which reportedly proceeded in a tense atmosphere, H. was accompannied by KPH Haryo Haryo Mataram; a court elder and his lawyer Elza Syarief.T , for his part, was accompagnied by his lawyer Harry Susilo.Sr. Com. Abdul Madjid, Chief of the Solo Police, said the meeting took place after he called in Elza and Harry."I told them that I would hold them responsible , if the situation got out of control and threatened security", said AM.
Both H and T and their lawyers fefused to disclose the results of the meeting.In a reply to a reporter's question,Elza said:"No comment."However T reprtedly paid obeisance to H and begged an apology from his stephbrother.He reportedly expressed regrets for having crowned himself as Paku Buwono XIII.Harry denied the report."No,that's not true",he said.According to Harry,the 2¨princes exchanged greetings like 2 brothers ,who had not seen each other for a long time."They embraced each other",he told Tempo.

Still the meeting could be the beginning of a reconsiliation btween the 2 Imperial brothers.A clear signal as such was given by KPH Haryoa Mataram."The Emperor remains the crowned one(H)and T to be the general",he said.HM statement matched with an option said to have been offered by T for a solution tomthe dispute:H to be the Emperor and T the crownprince.This means ,that T will be the Emperorin the event of H's stephdown(H only has daughters).A 2nd option offered by T was for him to be the Emperor and H the Imperial advisor.

KPH Eddy Wiraumi;one of H's brothers-in-law,said he did hear about the option being offered by GPH Suryo Wicsalsono; a supporter of T.Another version says,that T told H ,that he was not aiming for the crown.Even ,if he was named the Emperor,he would take the crown to ensure the continuity of the Court of Surakarta.

Ensuring the continuity of the Surakarta Court should be a priority in the agenda of any Prince successor to the Imperial House,which was founded by Susuhunan Paku Buwono II in 1774.Not only have many of the Imperial properties been lost,the condition of the court itself is saddening.The palace is now cramped in the midst of a noisy marketlace;Pasar Klewer,and other commercial buildings.

Many hope,te Imperial conflict would be resolved soon.Already there were reports,that last week's demonstration outside the keraton was financed by provocateurs."Whereas we know all along,that it is a family affair",said Policechief Abdul Madjid

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