Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Rule Bolang Uki also back to Raja dynasty

Bolang Uki is a relatively little area in the present District (Kabupaten) Bolaang Mongondow(Bolmong) in the North of Sulawesi/Celebes. It was a principality of ca. 794 km2, which was ruled by the Gobol/Gobel dynasty.
It was ruled by 24 Rajas. The grandfather of the last Raja; Arie Banse van Gobol: Willem Abadie van Gobol; asked the Dutch Queen to add the Dutch word "van" before his dynastic name, because this Dutch word would make his name even more important and "van" (of) in Holland is often used before family names to point at the nobility background of the name. The last Raja ruled in 2 periods (before-in the WW II and after WW II until 1956).
In the 1960-ies the mood towards Holland was a bit anti and the dynasty changed it's name to a bit more Indonesian sounding name, so also taking away that word "van".

Since 1999 the local autonomy laws were introduced in Indonesia and much former dynasties were back also politically;espacially after the last elections in april 2004.

The present Camat (sub-district ruler) of Kecamatan (sub-district) Bolang Uki (with ca. 11.500 people) is a member of the Gobel-Raja-dynasty. It is Drs. Ahmad Gobel.

I don't know his exact descent of a former Raja.

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