Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Also the dynasty of Bintauna back at the top.

Bintauna was a relative little principality of 172,5 km2 between the Bolaang Mongondow area and Gorontalo area in the N. of Sulawesi.It lies in the West of district Bolaang Mongondow(Bolmong).

It was ruled by a dynasty later called the Datunsolang/Datun Solang dynasty.

Also here in 2004 you can see a ruler of the area(here called kecamatan/sub-district),which belongs to the old dynasty. So also the local autonomy laws of 1999 in Indonesia had here an effect.It is Camat(sub-district ruler'Samir S. Datunsolang.

I don't know, how he is descended from a Raja, of the last Regent -Raja Jan A.R. Datun Solang
(killed in 1958 during Permesta disurbances).

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