Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Deli - Sumatera

The late YM Allahyarham LetKol (Infantri), Tito Otteman III Mahmud Ma'moen Padrab Perkasa Alam.

Deli orphan installed as 14th. Sultan.

Tengku Mahmud Aria Lamantjiji Perkasa Alam (LEFT) affectionately known as 'Aji', was installed as the 14th Sultan of Deli. He will be eight years old comes 17th August, 2005.

photo courtesy of SCTV Indonesia


Syahrir Soekardi said...

Thanks for your info that SULTAN DELI had died in plane crash at Lhok Seumawe, Beside as Sultan, he was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Indonesian army.

If you have time, you can read the local news site of Medan, , , and
Thanks for your info

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Raja Muda Kuno said...

The installation took place on 22.7.2005 at Istana Maimoon in Medan, after his father the late sultan of Deli YAM Tito Otteman Mahmud Ma'moen Padrab Perkasa Alam, died in an airplane crash at Malikus Saleh Lhokseumawe airport on 21.7.2005.

The installation was held prior to his father's burial ceremony as demanded by the Malay Sultanate tradition.

"Raja mangkat, raja menanam". As befit a king that dies, another (king) shall bury him.

The newly installed king has set an unprecedented record in the history of the Deli sultanate by being the youngest sultan Deli ever had. Before this, the record was held by Sultan Ma'moen al-Rasyid (1873 - 1924) who came to the throne at the age of 15.

Sultan Aria's granduncle, the Raja Muda Tengku Hamdy Osman Deli Khan, who has been regent since the reign of Sultan Deli XII, will continue to be the regent until the king comes of age.

The late sultan of Deli left behind his queen, Y.A.M. Puan Sri Indra, Ir (engineer) . Siska Mara Bintang Palaguna (daugher of the former governor of Sulawesi Selatan, Andi Zainal Basri Palaguna) and two sons, Zulqarnain Otteman Mangendar Alam, one and half years old and the just installed king, Aria Mahmud (alMajidi) Lamantijiji Perkasa Alam. Aria Mahmud was born on 17 august 1997. (thanks to Mr. Christopher Buyers for the correction on's article regarding the king's year of birth) .

Raja Muda Kuno said...

The Jakarta Post, Medan
Apriadi Gunawan,

Hundreds of Malay nobles in Medan bowed their heads as they paid their respects to their new leader, eight-year-old Sultan Deli XIV, in an emotional ceremony on Friday.

The new potentate, whose full name is Tengku Mahmud Aria (alMajidi) Lamantijiji, was inaugurated a day after his father, Sultan Deli XIII Lt. Col. Tito Otteman III Mahmud Ma'moen Padrab Perkasa Alam, died in an plane crash in North Aceh along with two other Army officers.

The boy, whose eyes glistened with tears, was inaugurated next to the remains of his father. His mother, YAM Puan Sri Indra, Ir. Siska Marabintang, the daughter of former South Sulawesi governor Zainal Basri Palaguna, sobbed throughout the event.

After the inauguration, Tito's remains were buried in a family cemetery near Medan's Al Mahsum Grand Mosque.

The inauguration lasted for 10 minutes and began when Datuk Serba Nyaman Syaiful Ikhsan read out a statement proclaiming Lamantijiji the new sultan.

Datuk Suka Piring Fauzi Moris then gave the boy the Bawar Sword and Golden Layered Ivory Kris, two symbols of the sultanate that are hundreds of years old.
Following tradition, the new Sultan Deli XIV pulled the two heirlooms from their scabbards and the attendees spoke "Hail, M'lord." "Daulat Tuanku ! Daulat Tuanku !

The ceremony has a long history, with the first Sultan of Deli, Tuanku Panglima Qocah Pahlawan, inducted in 1632.

As Lamantijiji is only eight, Raja Muda Tengku Hamdy Usman Deli Khan has been appointed as his protector. He will relinquish his powers as acting sultan when the boy reaches adulthood.

Lamanjiji, is a student at Kelapa Kembar elementary school in Subang, West Java; the place where his father, an officer in the Siliwangi military command, was normally based. Tito had been assigned to Aceh for the past nine months and was due to return to Subang in August.

After the ceremony, Lamantijiji said that he hoped to be a soldier like his father and was happy to become the new sultan.

"However, at the same time I am sad that my father has died. He loved my mother, my brother and I," Lamantijiji said.

Spokesman for the family, Megat Zulfan Yatim said on Saturday the Deli Sultanate had at least 400,000 subjects, mostly from Malay tribes.

Before Indonesian independence, the Deli Sultan was actively involved in politics, religion and culture, a role that was narrowed to that of cultural leader after the ratification of the country's Constitution. The sultan opens his house to his subjects and blesses them during Idul Fitri celebrations.

Raja Muda Kuno said...

The 7 year old new Sultan is the youngest monarch of Indonesia,the youngest Deli ever had and maybe the youngest now in the world.In Uganda there is the Kabaka of Toro,who was only a few yers old when becoming kabaka,but he is already now monarch in teenager age.
The brother of the grandfather of the new Sultan of Deli is the 65 years old politician Tengku Hamdi Osman Deli Khan Alhaj,who the last years was already the chief representative of the Sultan's dynasty,because the now deceased Sultan could not always be in Deli/Medan,because of his career as officer in the Indonesian army.
The regent(Pemangku Sultan with title Tengku Radja Muda)was from 1982-1992 member of local parliamant of the Kabupaten DeliSerdang for the Fraksi Karya Pembangunan.