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Jailolo - Maluku

Sultan Abdullah Syah of Jailolo (2002 - ) Posted by Hello

In the old days the Sultans of Jailolo were the most importants sultans of the N. Mollucans. There were 4 sultans.....

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Raja Muda Kuno said...

In the old days the Sultans of Jailolo were the most importants sultans of the N. Mollucans. There were 4 sultans. Later Bacan became more important , but finally Ternate began to play a leading role here, up to the modern time. Jailolo was destroyed ca. 340 years after founding of the Sultanate in 1515. From that year on the Sultanate (based on Halmahera island) became more or less vassal of Ternate. From 1611 the Sultans stayed on Ternate and the last Sultan of Jailolo was murdered in 1656. The local sentiments stayed on. Halmahera including Jailolo; which was then in the hands of the Sultans of Ternate and Tidore. Local Jailolo royals tried again end 18th century. Sultan Nuku Amiruddin of Tidore promised to restore Jailolo sultanate, if the Jailolo royals helped him and he cound be installed as Sultan of Tidore (against the wish of the Dutch).

And it was done in 1797. Three Sultans of Jailolo ruled from 1798 until 1832; nearly non-stop ; the last 2 ruled in N-Ceram. Then they were exiled because of their non-wish to act against pirates. A descendant of the last Sultan Jailolo; Sultan Muhamad Asgar; Kimelaha Sugi,Muhammad Saleh (1808-1818/as Sultan of Seram 1825-1832) died in exile in 1839. A descendant of him came to live on Sumatra,where he became (born in Pangkalpinang) major in the infantry and married a Princess of Yogyakarta: Raden Ayu Hartini.(died 1962). He later remarried a woman of an Arab-Indonesian family:Maryam Alatas.

He met once in his life present Sultan of Ternate: Mufadar II; with which he discussed the structure of the 4 kings in the N.-Moluccans. Sultan Ternate had his politcal ambitions, but also misunderstood much by much local people,who accused him of to much helping the Christians (not true). When Sultan Ternate was pushed aside temporarily and went for a short time to Java, a reconsiliation was discussed. A permanent one in the N. Mollucans.
It was agreed that the 4-kings system would be reintroduced here. So in Januari 2002 Sultan Abdullah Syah of Jailolo was installed as Sultan. Because of the historical attachment of the Sultans of Jailolo to the Sultans of Ternate, the present Sultan of Jailolo has his residence at the back of the palace of the Sultan Ternate. Some say,he is just a vasal of the Sultan of Ternate, but that is more a negative saying of not-deep thinking people.

Although nowadays he and his Sultana are permanent visitors during important occasions of the Royal Court of Ternate.